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Welcome to Dawn View Olive Oil –Located in North East Victoria.

We are a family business with the Olives being both grown & processed in the local region of North East, Victoria, Australia. Our products are available Online http://dawnviewoliveoil.bigcartel.com/products and at local stockists & markets.

We have produced an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a flavour that you will enjoy whether it is in cooking or on its own as dipping oil in the traditional Mediterranean style. 

Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a beautiful flavour that will be appreciated by all.  It is our desire as a small family business to bring to you a product which you will consume with pleasure. 

We believe that Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just oil; but a product that has many reasons to be enjoyed and cherished.

With additional health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil being discovered every-day and Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil being of a superb standard. We can all look forward to having an Olive Oil rich diet, which decreases the likely hood of many health problems and increases our life expectancy.  Which allows us to have a better quality of life.

We process our olive oil in the lovely King Valley, in North East Victoria, Australia.

Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Is a completely natural product that is produced simply from the oil of the olive. Gentle processing of the fruit, allows the oil to retain its natural flavour, aroma and many health providing properties. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil comprises many healthy active ingredients such as “the better for you” monounsaturated fat, antioxidants, polyphenols and other key vitamins and minerals. Including Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your cooking can help lower the risk of many common diseases. Extra Virgin Olive oil is a healthy replacement to other cooking oils including butter or margarine.

Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil can complement all types of meats, including, beef, lamb, chicken & fish. Roast vegetables, stir-fry’s, salads and many other dishes are enhanced by the use of this essential ingredient.
Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent base ingredient for making your own unique dips.
For more information regarding purchasing of any of our products please email: dawnviewoliveoil@hotmail.com. We are able to put together many gifts boxes for you or the 100 ml bottle is a great item to include in any hampers you may be putting together.
There is not better gift than a useful gift. A hamper is a great way to say thank-you to staff and customer loyalty.
Please get in touch to offer comments or enquire about stocking Dawn View Olive Oil for your customers.
Phone: 0417 09 10 16 or (03) 2957 3651 or e.mail:dawnviewoliveoil@hotmail.com
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