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Olive Oil Health & Beauty
**Important note: Some people are allergic to olive oil (not common), so please make sure you aren’t by doing a small skin test before trying any of these beauty treatments.  Especially important when using for the first time on a baby or check with your doctor.
Pre-shampoo easy Olive Oil hair treatment. Simply massage slightly warmed Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto your hair. Leave in for about an hour then shampoo & condition as per your normal procedure.  You may need to shampoo twice if your hair still feels a little oily after the first shampoo, to get rid of any oily feeling / look.  Your hair will benefit greatly from this care and feel healthier and shinier. Over time this will help reduce dry, frizzy hair & spilt ends. You should only need to do this once a month, depending on your hair type.
Body / Skin
When Olive Oil is massaged gently into your face or body it helps promote your skins elasticity (remember a little goes a long way) and an added benefit is that it’s all nature.  Make sure when you purchase your olive oil you purchase an Extra Virgin Olive Oil as it has the finest nutritional and health benefits. 
Lips - Dawn View Olive Oil - Natural - Unisex Lip Balm
Dawn View Olive Oil - now have available a Natural - Unisex Lip Balm. It is made with 100 % natural ingredients by Dawn View Olive Oil and stays on your lips for a long time. A little goes a long way so the value for money is great.
Dry nails can be moistened by gentle rubbing them with a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; at the same time you can also lightly massage your cuticles to keep them soft & healthy.  Your nails will end up less brittle and have a wonderful shine.
Makeup remover
Put one or two drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a cotton pad and use it to remove your make-up at the end of the day, including around your eyes.  Gently remove your make-up without stretching and pulling the delicate skin near your eyes. If you wish,wash your face with a warm face washer at the finish, then using a cold washer,pat your face to close the pores.  If you use this as a makeup remover on a consistent basis you will notice a new softness to your skin.
Shaving cream
Want a nice natural shaving cream, Olive Oil Soap is the way to go.  Wet your face, legs etc.  Then apply the olive oil soap to the required area, you don’t need to put a thick layer on.  A thin layer works best, and then shave with your razor as normal.  Wash of any residue and feel your lovely soft skin.  If you have
sensitive skin use the non-scented “Honeycomb” Olive Oil Soap.  Make sure you put it on a good draining soap dish between uses and your soap will last a long time. Great for men & women.
Dry Skin problems
If you have a dry skin problem by rubbing it with a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil most people experience a marked improvement. It’s ideal for most extra-dry skin issues.
Babies – Nappy Rash or Cradle cap
Few products are safe for both babies and adults.  A mild Extra Virgin olive oil is perfect for the sensitive skin of a baby.  Whether it’s their bottom or their head with cradle cap, rubbing it with a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil will help the problem. (Be sure to do a small skin test before using on a babies skin for the first time).
Cracked Heels
We all have them in summer if we wear open shoes, but a simple natural treatment is at hand. After exfoliating, apply Extra Virgin olive oil to your feet.  Put on socks to lock in the hydrating treatment and have a good night’s sleep, while the Olive oil goes to work.
Note: Don’t forget to add Extra Virgin olive oil in your diet, because olive oil will improve your skin, hair and nails, but it nourishes your body from within also.

If you have an Olive Oil beauty treatment you would like to share just email us on:dawnviewoliveoil@hotmail.com – stating that you would be happy to have us share it and will we post it on the website, with or without your name depending on your request.
Honeycomb - Unscented - Dindi Naturals - 110 gm Olive Oil soap - great for babies & sensitive skins.
Dawn View Olive Oil now stock four of the wonderful soaps made by Dindi Naturals.
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