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Great item. Many thanks. Highly recommend. +++++ - 4 litre Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Lise - Sydney.

Fanastic, perfect - 100 ml Olive Oil bottles with labels for hampers. - SL.P.

Beautiful aroma, style &  natural – Olive Oil Soap – Jerra.

Great product – Olive Oil Soap – H.J.

Awesome – Leather & Timber Enhancer – Jes & Jo.

Great product – Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Mick.

Very happy! Perfect – Wedding Bonbonnieres – Lee.

Good stuff - postage super quick - Leather & Timber Enhancer - B.P.

Great item A+ - Bulk Bonbonniere / Favours - 100 ml Extra Virgin Dawn View Olive Oil - H.K.

I hadn't really used Dukkah before, but now that I have I find it a great way to relax at the end of the day.  Some lovely bread, Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some of their lovely Dukkah; a glass of wine (red or white) depends on the weather. Prefect finish to any-day. 
Melbourne, Vic.
I wasn’t an Olive Oil user but after hearing about the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil I purchased a bottle of Dawn View Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I have at times run out of Dawn View Olive Oil and bought other brands but I have found that no other brand has the same flavour as Dawn View Olive Oil. 
It brings out the best flavour when roasting vegetables or in any other cooking. I would prefer to never use any other Olive Oil.  Dawn Views Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the oil for me.   
Regards, Peter M, Victoria.
I’ve just had a lunch of steamed broccoli and green beans with olive oil and lemon juice, which is a usual dish for me and I added a sprinkle of the Dukkah I bought from you last Saturday at the Wangaratta Farmers Market.  It’s such a good mix.  So yum I wanted to share.  Regards, Julie.B. - 19.02.2016.
Coming from Italy I was somewhat sceptical about the comments I was hearing from my friends and family about how wonderful your extra virgin olive oil was.  But after tasting your oil from a bottle a friend had given me I have to confess that they were not exaggerating.  I would have to say that it even surpassed what I believed to be the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy - 2017.

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